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Rockville Public Library
106 N. Market St Rockville, IN 47872
Phone: 765-569-5544 | Fax: 765-569-5546

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Library Card Policy?

Because of the recent expansion of service area, any resident or property owner in Parke County (except those served by The Montezuma Library) may have a RPL library card. 

On your next visit to the library, located at 106 N. Market Street in Rockville, bring verification of your current address (utility bill, bank statement, etc.), a contact telephone number and photo identification. A library staff member will provide you with a card.

Your Rockville Public Library card entitles you to check out books, eBooks, DVD movies, and video games. You can also use it to obtain reciprocal cards; these cards may be used to check out materials at participating libraries. RPL has reciprocal arrangements with many other public libraries throughout the State of Indiana through the Statewide Reciprocal Borrowing Covenant. Area facilities include: Montezuma Public Library, Clinton Public Library, Putnam County Public Library, Covington Public Library, Kingman Public Library, Brazil Public Library, Darlington Public Library, Crawfordsville Public Library, Ladoga Public Library, Waveland Public Library,Vigo County Public Library, Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library, and many others. Each library issues its own ; for a statewide list see -> Back to top

What do you offer?

  • For adults we offer: Bestsellers, Westerns, Mysteries, Science Fiction, Magazines, Newspapers, Books on Tape, Videos, and Large Print Books
  • For children we offer: PictureBooks, Easy Readers, Popular Series Books, Fiction and non-fiction from Chapter Books to Young Adult, Magazines, and Videos **Also during the month of June we offer Story Time on Tuesday and Friday mornings!
  • We also offer public access computers (includes access to the internet, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Desktop Publishing, and magnifying reader for those with impaired vision). In order to use the computers you must sign in at the front desk and have no outsanding fines. Users under the age of ten must be accompanied by an adult. Violations of the rules posted with each computer will result in loss of computer privlege for 6 months for first offenses and second offenses will result in a permanent loss of computer privleges.
  • We offer handicapped accessible entry from the rear parking lot with a lift to the second floor. Our public restrooms are handicapped accessible. We offer a visual aid reader, Large Print books and books on tape. If you need further assistance, please let us know.
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Are there any fees for using the library?

Yes. In order to provide more services to the community we do charge for services, such as:

  • Black and White copies - 15 cents per side
  • Color copies - $1 per side
  • Microfilm Reader/Printer - 25 cents per page
  • Public Fax - (765)569-5546 - $1 for the first page of a fax sent and 25 cents for each additional page. We also recieve faxes for a charge of 20 cents per page.
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What do I need to know about borrowing?

Cardholders have a limit of 6 books, 4 magazines, and 2 videos. Videos check out for 3 days, everything else checks out for 2 weeks. All items can be renewed by phone.

Overdue fines are $1 day per tape; for everything else the fine is 10 cents per day, per item.

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Can I see what I have checked out online?

Yes! Using the ID number on your card you can log in and see what is checked out to you and when it is due.

  1. Go to .
  2. Click on Catalog.
  3. Click on Rockville Public Library (in blue).
  4. Click on Login at the top.
  5. Enter your username and password.
  6. Click MyInfo to see your account information
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Can I see what items the library has online?

Yes! Our catalogue is available online as well!

  1. Go to .
  2. Click on Catalog.
  3. Click on Rockville Public Library (in blue).
  4. Click on Login at the top.
  5. Enter your username and password.
  6. Click the catalog ta
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What is my username?

You'll need your username and password to login. Your username will be your patron id number (or the barcode on your card). You will need to enter "p" before you enter the number. If you have problems call the library.

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What is my password?

The password will typically be your last name in all lower case.

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Can the library help me research my family tree?

Absolutely! You may contact our Genealogy Department for information searches. Our genealogy collection does not circulate but copies can be made. (Note: It is fifteen cents per black and white copy or twenty-five cents per microfilmed copy. If you want copies mailed to you, please send a large self-addressed, stamped envelope along with a check or money order for $1.00 per page copied.) Our genealogy collection includes:

  • On microfilm
    • Parke County Newspapers from 1853 to the present
    • Parke County Cenus records
  • Newspaper Obituaries are indexed on the web at
  • Parke County National Register of Historic Places
  • Parke County Veteran's Records
  • Family Histories
  • Birth and Death Records
  • Census Records & Indexes
  • Marriage Records
  • Cemetery Listings
  • County Histories
  • Will Records
  • Microfilmed Local Newspapers from 1854
  • Parke County SAR/DAR Geneology Records
  • Parke County Revolutionary War Veterans Records
  • Plat Maps and Many Miscellaneous Items
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Can I use the library's meeting room?

One meeting room is available for non-profit organizations and public meetings. Reservations are required. Please inquire at the upstairs desk to reserve a room or call the library.

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Where is the Rockville Public Library?

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What is the Rockville Public Library's Internet Policy?

Rockville Public Library (RPL) computing resources (wireless Internet and computers) shall be used for educational, informational, and recreational purposes only. No unauthorized, illegal or unethical activity, including violation of copyright permitted. Illegal acts involving RPL computing resources may be subject to prosecution by local, state or federal authorities. 

Failure to abide by these standards or violation of the policy listed below will result in the loss of computing resource privileges for six (6) months for the first offense; possible permanent removal for second offense.  Rockville Public Library is the sole arbiter of what constitutes violation of the RPL acceptable use policy.

1.  No computer/Internet use if patron or member of household has a fine or overdue library material (there is only one library card per household).

2.  All computer users must sign in at circulation desk and provide requested information.

3.  Patrons must be at least 10 years of age or be accompanied by an adult.

4.  45 minute computer use limit if someone is waiting - may be adjusted if patron is working on a project.

5.  Limit of one user per workstation at a time.  Exceptions must be approved by library staff.

6.  Patrons may not access pornography, chat rooms, instant messaging, social networking (My Space, Facebook, etc), violence and hate speech, gambling, illicit drugs or other objectionable sites.  Exhibition of obscene matter is a Class A misdemeanor and can be a Class D felony in Indiana (IC 35-49-3-1).

7.  Patrons may not access computer hard drives, install programs, or turn computers off.

8.  Patrons will be charged 25 cents per page for all computer generated printing.

9.  Rockville Public Library (RPL) does not provide any security or protection for credit card numbers, account numbers, e-mail passwords or protection of personal private information submitted.  The RPL assumes no responsibility in this regard.

10. The Rockville Public Library board reserves the right to revise all policies at any time.

How does Rockville Public Library select materials?

Rockville Public Library selects materials for its collection by the following criteria (not in any order of importance):
1.  Demand for the material by the community whether it be
educational, recreational, informational, cultural, self help, etc

2.  Materials pertaining to Parke County and surrounding area

3.  Author’s reputation

4.  Appearance of title in library selection indexes

5.  Availability of materials from interlibrary loan

6.  Cost of materials

7.  Physical quality of materials

8.  Current publications

Materials are selected by the library director.  Suggestions from staff, board members, and patrons are very important.


Still have questions?

You may ask at the desk or call the library for more information. Our contact information is above.